COVID-19 public information line staff

The Williamson County Emergency Management Agency recognized county staff and volunteers who’ve spent the last year working on the COVID-19 public information line. 

The line permanently shut down on April 30 due to a drop in call volume, but according to a news release, the call center answered more than 22,809 calls since it was activated on March 31, 2020.

“We determined very early on in the pandemic that establishing some form of information management system would be an important way that the County could serve the needs of the community,” Williamson County Emergency Management Director Todd Horton said in the news release. ”There was a lot of information being disseminated regarding COVID-19, and we wanted to provide a single point that the community could contact to receive the latest information.” 

More than 50 staff members voluntarily served in the center since March 2020, representing nearly every county agency as well as the city of Franklin and the UT Institute of Agriculture. 

“As the information surrounding the pandemic changed over the course of the year, so did the questions the community had,” says Hannah Bleam, External Affairs Officer for Williamson County Emergency Management, “The call center staffing levels and information provided had to change regularly in order to get the information needed out to the community. We could not be more grateful for the selfless team members that took the time to answer every question they could during such a confusing time.” 

Any residents with questions about COVID-19 testing or vaccinations should call the WCHD Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at (615)794-1542. 

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