May County Unemployment Map

The county unemployment map for the month of May shows counties with the lowest rates of unemployment in blue, and counties with the highest rates in red.

The May unemployment rate for Williamson County was reported Thursday to have dropped to 7.4% — down 3.1 percentage points from the county’s April unemployment rate of 10.5%.

Williamson County’s improved unemployment rate mirrors that of the entire state, which saw its unemployment rate drop from 14.7% in April down to 13.3% in May.

From June 14-20, there were 345 new claims for unemployment made in Williamson County, with 6,361 claims carried over from previous weeks. In total, 9,001 Williamson County residents were reported as being unemployed during the month of May, which out of the county’s labor force of 122,292, brings the county’s unemployment rate to the aforementioned rate of 7.4%.

While still a far cry from its March unemployment rate of just 2.4%, Williamson County’s May unemployment rate ranks as the third lowest in the state.

Williamson County’s neighbor to the south, Maury County, also saw a considerable improvement in its unemployment rate.

In April, Maury County’s unemployment rate was reported as being 21.8% — the ninth highest rate in the state. In May, Maury County’s unemployment rate dropped by 6 percentage points to 15.8%, which, while a considerable improvement, still ranks as among the highest rates in the state.

Davidson County saw a more modest improvement in its unemployment rate from April to May.

In April, Davidson County’s unemployment rate was reported as being 16.1%, which given its far higher population, amounted to 62,614 unemployed residents. In May, Davidson County’s unemployment rate dropped by 3.5 percentage points to 12.6%, amounting to 51,250 unemployed residents.

Weakley County in Northwest Tennessee saw the state’s lowest unemployment rate in May at just 7%, down 2.5 percentage points from April.

The county with the highest May unemployment rate was Sevier County in East Tennessee, which was reported as having an unemployment rate of 18.5%, which while still high, is a considerable drop from its April unemployment rate of 29.1%.

New unemployment claims in Northern Middle Tennessee

March 22-28: 32,246

March 29-April 4: 47,325

April 5-11: 34,643

April 12-18: 29,065

April 19-25: 14,927

April 26-May 2: 13,274

May 3-9: 8,694

May 10-16: 7,768

May 17 - 23: 7,324

May 24 - 30: 5,754

May 30 - June 6: 5,448

June 7 - 13: 4,880

June 14 - 20: 5,237

New unemployment claims statewide

March 8-14: 2,702

March 15-21: 39,096

March 22-28: 94,492

March 29-April 4: 116,141

April 5-11: 74,772

April 12-18: 68,968

April 19-25: 43,792

April 26-May 2: 37,319

May 3-9: 29,308

May 10-16: 28,692

May 17-23: 26,041

May 24-30: 22,784

May 31-June 6: 21,417

June 7-13: 19,925

June 14-20: 21,155