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The Williamson Medical Center (WMC) in Franklin has seen highs and lows over the course of the pandemic in terms of its number of patients being treated for COVID-19, and as staff prepares for the upcoming flu season, hospital staff remain cautiously optimistic in their ability to accommodate new cases.

Chief financial officer for WMC Paul Bolin told Williamson County Commissioners on Monday that things were going “fairly well” at the hospital in terms of its capacity for COVID-19 patients, but that he still held some concerns over what could potentially lie ahead as flu season fast approaches.

“In terms of where we are with COVID-19, over this [pandemic] we’ve had an average of 25 patients - as of today, we had 20 patients, five or six of those in ICU (intensive care unit),” Bolin said. 

“So COVID-19 is not a huge issue within the hospital right now, although this is approaching our busy time and our hospital is fairly full, so that kind of concerns me a little bit, but things are overall going fairly well.”

The WMC has increased its capacity for COVID-19 patients significantly since July, as well as procured more adequate levels of personal protective equipment and staff.

As of Monday, Williamson County has seen 8,517 total cases of COVID-19. Of those cases, 1,123 are considered active, an increase of 219 since last Friday. A total of 7,333 people in the county have recovered from the virus, whereas 61 have died.

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