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During a virtual meeting of the Williamson County Commission on Monday, chief medical officer for Williamson Medical Center Andy Russell reported to county commissioners that since this past weekend, the hospital has had zero COVID-19 positive patients in-house.

“The situation in the hospital has been pretty calm over the last month or so, [and] as of this weekend, we’ve had no COVID-19 positive patients in-house,” Russell said. “I believe we discharged our last one Saturday morning and have not picked up anybody since that time.”

Russell shared the good news with commissioners over a live video feed, with the county commission holding its meeting virtually, and for the first time since March.

Since late March, Russell said that the hospital had admitted 932 people for possible COVID-19 infection, 82 of which had tested positive. Of those 82, 36 were admitted for treatment - six of whom would later perish.

“We have had six deaths out of the 36 people that have been admitted to the hospital - five of those were nursing home patients,” Russell said.

Regarding the hospital’s supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and masks, Russell said their supply was “still adequate.”

On Monday, May 4, Williamson Medical Center resumed its elective surgeries, which are considered non-urgent procedures. Russell said that Williamson Medical Center is planning on steadily increasing the number of elective procedures it performs over the course of the next few weeks.

“We’re going to pick that up slowly, we’re nowhere near our normal number of elective procedures a week that we were having before this started,” Russell said. ‘We’re trying to slowly get back to that, increasing by 20, 25 percent each week.”

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