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With the Delta variant of COVID-19 becoming the most prevalent strain of the virus in the country, Williamson Medical Center in Franklin has seen a dramatic increase in the number of COVID-19 patients in the past three weeks.

Three weeks ago on July 12, WMC was treated just three patients for COVID-19. Today on Aug. 2, a total of 22 patients are being treated for the virus, with seven of those being treated in the Critical Care Unit of the facility.

Of the 22 COVID-19 patients currently being treated at WMC, more than 95 percent are unvaccinated, with vaccinated patients being treated for COVID-19 showing "much more mild symptoms" than unvaccinated patients, according to WMC.

"WMC strongly encourages members of the community who are not yet vaccinated to please reconsider," reads a release from WMC.

"We believe that vaccines are working as is evidenced by the low numbers of 'breakthrough' infections and the milder symptoms of those who are vaccinated and do test positive for COVID-19."

"The vaccines continue to demonstrate high effectiveness against the Delta variant in preventing severe symptoms, hospitalizations and deaths. Vaccines also remain the most effective way to reduce the risk of complications from COVID-19 and to protect our loved ones."