Bernard Walter Burns IV was born at Williamson Medical Center at 12:37 a.m. on January 2.

Williamson Medical Center (WMC) welcomed its first baby of 2021, Bernard Walter Burns IV, Jan. 2 at 12:37 a.m. The baby is the son of Kristena and Bernard Burns from Mount Pleasant, and was born weighing seven pounds, seven ounces at 19 inches long.


Bernard and Kristena Burns hold their newborn baby Bernard Burns IV.

The baby arrived five days before his mother’s due date. This is the second child for the couple and their second time delivering at WMC. Baby Bernard has one older brother who is nearly three years old.

“We are beyond blessed to bring a healthy baby into the world,” the Burns' said. “We were so excited to know he was the very first baby of the year at Williamson Medical Center. It will definitely be a very cool fact to share with him when he is older.”


Bernard Walter Burns IV was born weighing seven pounds, seven ounces.

Mrs. Burns is a patient of Rebecca S. Eia, D.O. with Women’s Group of Franklin. The baby was delivered by Lynn N. Ellington, M.D. who was on call for the OB-GYN practice over the holiday. In celebration of Bernard’s arrival as the first baby of 2021, WMC presented the family with an Amazon gift card.

“He is such an adorable baby and they are such a sweet family,” Ellington said. “We are happy everything went so well.”

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