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Caleb Hancock, FNP (a board certified family nurse practitioner), is new to the Vanderbilt Health and Williamson Medical Center Primary Care clinic in Nolensville – but not new to this area. 

Caleb grew up in Franklin, Tennessee. He earned his bachelor’s degree and a masters in nursing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and spent 10 years in that city working at UT Medical Center. Eventually Caleb and his family moved back to Middle Tennessee, which means his patients are a lot like old friends and family. 

“It gives me an ‘in’ with the pediatric patients,” Caleb said. He knows the neighborhoods, the schools’ sports teams, who’s related to who – and he intends to put down roots here to serve the healthcare needs of Nolensville families for many years to come.  

Caleb joined the Nolensville Primary Care clinic in December 2019. His interest in primary care began as a bedside nurse at UT Medical Center. There he witnessed serious complications people experienced from chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease.  

“If they’d had care years before, they wouldn’t have been in the hospital,” Caleb said. Preventive care from a primary care provider helps people stay healthy longer. That long-term working relationship with a primary care provider can help prevent chronic diseases, or at least the most serious complications. 

“When I meet with your regularly, I know what your ‘normal’ is. We can intervene before it becomes a serious condition,” Caleb said. 

Caleb likes caring for patients of all stages of life, “everybody from kindergartners to teens to seeing parents.” He strives to build relationships with patients that will continue for many years, to help them “pursue wellness.”  

He sees health holistically: mind, body and spirit. “If you’re not doing well in one area, it can affect the others,” Caleb says. He asks new patients, “How would you introduce yourself?,” to help him learn their lifestyle; religious affiliation, if they have one; and what their family looks like. 

Caleb and the rest of the team at Vanderbilt Health and Williamson Medical Center Primary Care Clinic in Nolensville provide wellness visits; vaccines; routine care for ongoing conditions – including high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, among others – plus musculoskeletal injuries, other acute problems, and travel consultations to be sure families have the right vaccines before an international trip. The clinic’s medical staff includes Caleb, Amanda Phelps, PA and three nurses. The Nolensville clinic is accepting new patients. Call to set up your first appointment at 615-776-8088.