Willowbrook Master Plan Concept

Nashville civil engineering firm RaganSmith Associates, Inc. will soon provide a future subdivision of Drees Homes in Nolensville’s tri-county border region.

Flanking the Telfair subdivision on its southeast, the future development comes with planned access from Sanford Road and is positioned at the nexus of Davidson, Rutherford and Williamson County borders. Designated the Willowbrook subdivision, the neighborhood is zoned for low-density residential properties, and its current plan promises 44 single-family homes on 41.87 acres, which suggests spacious lots with plenty of elbow room between units.

Beginning in December 2020, the same firm similarly embarked on a development project for the Telfair subdivision on 45.5 acres of the same property from Willy and Cora Jobe. The property, south of Nolensville High School and Mill Creek Middle School, had to be rezoned for subdivision residential with a planned development overlay, and one of its core thoroughfares, McClellan Lane, was then dead-ended with a turnaround but also with plans to continue into the Willowbrook development now beginning. Together, the two phases account for 88 single-family units with a density of about an acre per lot.

The Brentwood-based custom home seller of 90 years, Drees Homes, is slated to market more of its high-end offerings within the coming addition to the community.

This project parallels a larger, mixed-use RaganSmith project in progress at 7375 Nolensville Road. The development covers less land at 27.8 acres but is expected to see 221 units go up under the name Franklin Terrace according to a utility permit with Metro Water Services in Nashville. In addition to multi-family residential builds, the development will also feature restaurant and retail spaces.

Despite being based in Davidson County, RaganSmith holds a significant position in Williamson County’s commercial and residential markets, as well as its political climate. The firm contributed $500 to newly elected Franklin Alderman Patrick Baggett’s Ward 4 campaign — the highest fundraising campaign in this year’s election cycle — an equal amount to that of At-Large Alderwoman Gabrielle Hanson, the same to that of Ward 3 Alderman Jason Potts and half as much to Michelle Sutton, who competed for Potts’s seat. They donated the most to Ward 2 candidate Tina Pierret, who could not secure election with RaganSmith’s $750 contribution.