Williamson Inc. welcomed new Nolensville business Cryo and Contour with a ribbon cutting on Wednesday.

Cryo and Contour is a clinic that offers specialized weight loss services, personal training, cryotherapy, body contouring and DNA and metabolism testing among other services.

Dr. Lorina Poe, owner and medical director at Cryo and Contour, said that the business is focused on helping patients to improve their overall health and wellness.

“While serving Williamson County as a primary care physician at Vanderbilt Medical Center’s clinics, I encountered patients daily who were experiencing weight-related health issues – high cholesterol, joint pain, diabetes, issues I knew could be eliminated or at least reduced with the right medical care,” Poe said in a news release. “That’s when I knew I needed to take action.”

Williamson Inc. Senior VP of Community Relations Nancy Conway and Nolensville Mayor Jimmy Alexander welcomed the crowd of about 30 community and business members.

“It’s wonderful to have a medical doctor, a physician, in this business,” Conway said. “The greatest thing is that in this area she is the only one who has a medical weight loss clinic.”

Cryo and Contour is accepting new patients and offering multiple grand opening specials throughout September including initial cryotherapy visits for $25, 10 percent off Verju body contouring treatments and 10 percent off cryotherapy packages.

“Here we’re really focusing on the wellness and health of the total person, so we want to partner with any other businesses that are focused on health and wellness in the community and promote it for not just adults but also for the health and wellness of the adolescent and children populations,” Poe said.

Alexander said that one of the standouts of Cryo and Contour is that it’s owned and operated by a Nolensville resident, adding to the value and the impact of the business in the rapidly growing town.

“We’re extremely happy every time we have the opportunity to open a new business in Nolensville and to have a new business here with a Nolensville resident, and a doctor at that, is just exciting for us and just appreciate you and wish you the best of luck,” Alexander said.

Cryo and Contour is located at 7180 Nolensville Road. Prospective patients can schedule their appointments online at or by calling (615) 819-2201.

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