Nolensville’s Jenkins Cumberland Presbyterian Church Communion Easter 2021 1

Members of Nolensville’s Jenkins Cumberland Presbyterian Church participate in communion during their Easter 2021 celebration.

Williamson County residents celebrated Easter on Sunday with another year of services and celebrations impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but with a renewed hope of a resurrecting world.

The Easter Bunny visited residents in a series of parades from Spring Hill to Brentwood to Nolensville, and others celebrated the resurrections of Christ in in-person and online worship services including members of Nolensville's Jenkin's Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Last year’s celebrations were forced to move to a drive-in service due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and now masked church members, many of whom have received COVID-19 vaccines, participated in communion by using prepackaged communion wafers and wine.

Jenkin's Cumberland Presbyterian Church pastor Rev. Jason Mikel said that they have seen an increase in in-person attendance since many church members have been able to get vaccinated.

"We've been in Lent for a year, we've been in mourning for a year," Mikel said. "People are starting to feel this release from Lent back into Resurrection, back into life, and that's why we had such a good feeling in the church today because we're starting to feel life again after nearly 600,000 deaths."

Nolensville’s Jenkins Cumberland Presbyterian Church Easter 2021 2

Jenkins Cumberland Presbyterian Church pastor Rev. Jason Mikel preaches during their Easter 2021 celebration.

Mikel said that his congregation has been forced to adapt to new ways of life,  as nearly every spiritual house has over the past year, but he said that the mission and focus have remained the same. 

"As we've gone through it what we've realized is that the core of what we do hasn't changed," Mikel said. "At the core of it is a commitment to love God, and love everybody else like you love yourself... that's it."

"We're going to make it through this living together and as we emerge from this we're going to continue living together and living out the churches mission," Mikel said, "So that part hasn't changed, what's changed are the technicalities of how we go about doing that, that's been hard sometimes."