Dick Dougall Nolensville PhotoWalk

Dick Dougall holds the book, “Two Hours in Nolensville, TN 2019,” which was produced as part of a group that he led for Scott Kelby’s WorldWide Photo Walk.

On Oct. 5 dozens of photographers descended on Nolensville as part of the 2019 Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk and have now produced a book and group exhibit to commemorate the outing.

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk has been an annual event for 12 years where photographers gather at nearly 1,000 locations across the world and photograph one town, city or location for two hours on the same day.

Kelby is a is an American photographer, author and educator who is best known for his extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Kelby also serves as the editor and publisher of the Photoshop User Magazine, president and co-founder of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and president of Kelby Media Group.

2019 was the 11th year that Franklin resident and founder and former president of the Brentwood Photography Group, Dick Dougall, was selected as the walk leader, having previously led PhotoWalks in Lawrenceburg, Lynnville, Bellbuckle, Wartrace, Columbia, Fayetteville, Lynchburg and Franklin.

According to Dougall, the walk included 44 photographers from across Middle Tennessee and even as far away as Huntsville, Alabama.

Five photographs were selected from each photographer and were printed in a book entitled, Two Hours in Nolensville, TN 2019, whose cover features the photograph Bells by Diane Burgett and will be entered into a worldwide Photo Walk competition.

Photographs range from structure and shadows of church steeples, close ups of flowers in bloom, weathered picket fences and a fall football game. American flags, Buffalo Bills fans visiting in a vintage Volkswagen bus and crosses dotting the landscape — all scenes that capture the small town feel that makes people love to visit and live in Nolensville. 

Dougall said that the annual Photo Walk has been a great source of camaraderie among artists of all skill and experience levels and way to give back to the communities in Middle Tennessee by providing a passionate photographic record of towns and communities big and small.

"My thought in doing this was to bring on people to do their best and to get recognized for having done it," Dougall said."This is just pleasure and good friendship and the appreciation when people repeat [the annual Photo Walk.]"

While the book is not available for purchase, it is available for viewing at the Williamson County Library in Franklin. 

Select photographs from the show are also on display at the library throughout December as part of the Court of Honor exhibit.

The exhibit will then travel to Columbia where it will be on display at the Square Market and Cafe throughout January and it will make its final appearance on display in the Nolensville Town Hall throughout February.

Photographers included Elizabeth Berger, Siva Browder, Diane Burgett, Lisa Burnett, Connie Cole, Betty Cowart, Neely Craig, Martin Cregg, Rosemary Davidson, Tiffany Dillard, M Blanca Eyre, Justin French, Lois Frost, Shelia Gentle, Leslie Gill, Kevin Graham, Bob Haines, Brian Hall, Jim Havens, Nancy Jewett, Susan Jones, Thomas Keller, Tom Kenyon, DaShawn Lewis, Kimberly Manson, Duane Miller, Andrew worin, Joan Morrison, Dennis Mosesman, Scott Oberle, Joyce Oberle, Kathy Partch, Emily Passino, Marjorie Pess, Margaret Phillips, Debbie Rae, Sonja St Clair, Phullis Tatum, Jeremy Teran, Janis Tomanek, Russ Tomanek, Gandhi Valliappan, Tony Willett and Al Wood.

More information about Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk can be found here.

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