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Mama’s Java Cafe is celebrating 10 years of business with a variety of giveaways including the chance to win free coffee for a year. 

The cafe offers a variety of coffees and food and has grown into one of Nolensville’s most popular spots due to their efforts to not just give patrons what they want, but to help those in need.

Owner Melissa Hall also sits on the board for Round Up for Nolensville and said that she’s always looking for ways to give back.

“Now we do a lot more community-based giving back to people,” Hall said. “That’s where my heart is, it’s like you have to be thankful for what people give you, and it’s not just a business. We utilize it for everything — we always have a box full of collections for the [Nolensville] Food Pantry, we’re always collecting for something, for someone, for anything. I just look at it as, what else can we do besides serve breakfast and lunch and coffee?"

That attitude has helped to make Mama’s Java Cafe a staple of the community — and now in their 10th year they are also giving back to their customers with a variety of gifts and giveaways throughout January.

“We are grassroots,” Hall said. “We live here, our kids are here and we opted to open in Nolensville instead of anywhere else because this is where our roots are.”

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Giveaways including golden tickets (think Willy Wonka) that will show up in random lucky customers bags that offer prizes such as free mugs or a free month of Mama’s Java’s Mug Club.

“These are just to say thanks for all the patronage that people have given us over the years,” Hall said. “If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t still be here.”

Mama’s Java is also giving away a chance to win free coffee for the rest of 2020 by completing a checklist. 

Hall said that she hopes customers will be excited at all of the opportunities for prizes, and help them celebrate 10 years in Nolensville and many more to come. 

Mama's Java Cafe is located at 305 Sheldon Valley Drive in Nolensville. More information about Mama’s Java Cafe and all of their 10th anniversary celebrations can be found here.

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