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Nathan Keaton of Nathan Gives Back is accepting sock donations at Mama's Java Cafe in Nolensville as part of an ongoing sock drive to help those in need.

One Nolensville teen, 14-year-old Nathan Keaton, is on a mission to help gather donations of socks for those in need. 

Nathan Gives Back has collected 1,166 pairs of socks as of Tuesday morning and the campaign will continue until Dec. 15.

Keaton began the effort three years ago after seeing the need of people experiencing homelessness collecting blankets, and then stockings last year.

Nathan Gives Back 2

Nathan Keaton of Nathan Gives Back is accepting sock donations as part of an ongoing sock drive to help those in need.

This year Nathan Gives Back has changed their approach to donating the items directly to Nolensville outreach programs that assist people with needs in the surrounding community.

“Most of those donations have come from the individuals in Nolensville, so when we talked about where he wanted to go this year,” Nathan’s mother Jennifer Keaton said. “he said he wanted to stay in Nolensville back with the people who have helped to support him.”  

Socks will be donated to the Nolensville Food Pantry at Providence Baptist Church and will be included in their 187 Christmas boxes.

The remaining socks will be donated to the Community Clothing Closet, a mobile effort that uses a repurposed school bus for donation drives of clothes, food, schools supplies and hygiene products.

Nathan Keaton said that he’s received donations throughout the community from fellow students to neighbors and added that donations are also accepted in a drop off bin at Mama Java’s Cafe.

“It feels good to know that I’m helping someone out who can’t afford those things, those daily needs that everyone takes for granted,” Nathan Keaton said. 

Both Nathan and Jennifer Keaton said that while the effort is known as Nathan Gives Back, it’s those in need that are most important and it’s the Nolensville community that has made the project successful and stands as an example of what community can do.

“Everybody is willing to help and that’s what a community is,” Jennifer Keaton said. “And our kids are getting to see that.” 

More information about Nathan Gives Back can be found here.

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