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Nolensville’s newly hired Town Administrator Scott Collins is leaving the job and returning to his previous position as the city manager of Fairview just one month after he took the job with Nolensville on Jan. 6. 

The news came as a surprise to both residents and town officials after the issue was brought up during Thursday night’s Board of Commissioners meeting in Fairview, the same night that Nolensville’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen met.

The decision was not official until Monday morning.

Fairview Mayor John Blade said in an email that Collins has verbally agreed to return as Fairview’s City Manager and has a tentative start date of Feb. 17, a decision that he said was made in the best interest of Fairview. In that meeting, the Fairview Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to approve for the mayor to offer Collins a new contract of employment. Blade said he expects that contract to be signed within the next 48 hours. Collins has not responded to requests for comment.

Nolensville Mayor Jimmy Alexander said in a phone call on Friday that neither he nor Collins were aware of Fairview’s vote until mid-day Friday and said that as of Saturday afternoon that Collins was still Nolensville’s city manager, adding that they did not want to see Collins leave, especially after having agreed to a two-year employment contract.

Monday morning Mayor Alexander said in a phone call that he was “shocked” at the news that Collins was in fact leaving, adding that he had received no communication from Collins on the decision. He was expecting to hear from Collins over the weekend.

Alexander said that since Collins had not communicated the decision with the town directly that he learned of the Fairview's Mayors confirmation of the rehire by way of the Home Page’s request for comment.

“We hate to lose Scott. The big problem we face now is trying to replace him and that’s a long process and we hate to go through that,” Mayor Alexander said on Monday morning. “We’ll try to get someone in an interim position to help as soon as possible and move forward that way.”

In Nolensville’s November 2019 BOMA meeting Mayor Alexander said that Collins was the top choice out of 29 candidates. Collins started on Jan. 6, 2020 and, according to Alexander, had written up a contract that was offering Collins approximately $10,000 more than Collins was previously paid in Fairview.

It is unclear at this time what this means for the contract that Collins signed with the Town of Nolensville or if any legal issues will occur because of this decision.

The Home Page reached out to Collins and Nolensville Town Attorney Bob Notestine via email for comment but has not heard back from either of them as of 8 a.m.

The story will update.