York Road Williams Road Nolensville Road intersection

Nolensville has a new traffic signal at the intersection of York Road/Williamson Road and Nolensville Road.

The addition was approved during the March Nolensville Board of Commissioners meeting, and drivers should be aware of the change after the light was upgraded over the weekend.

The intersection has featured a yellow light for traffic on Nolensville Road while cross traffic has had a red light. Traffic will now stop in all directions with the use of green, yellow and red lights.

"It will be a temporary situation because in about a year, a year and a half to two years, something like that, TDOT [Tennessee Department of Transportation] will be out there and they will actually rebuild that intersection and they will put in a permanent traffic control system," Nolensville Town Manager Victor Lay said in that March meeting.

Nolensville Nolensville Road at York Road and Williams Road

Nolensville Road at York Road and Williams Road.