Fight Flu TN 2021

The Williamson County Health Department will hold a free flu vaccination event on Tuesday, Nov. 9.

The FightFluTN event aims to increase the number of people vaccinated against influenza in Tennessee, and will be open to all Tennesseans aged six months and older, according to a news release.

The vaccination effort will take place in a drive-thru event from 8 a.m.-noon at the Williamson County Agriculture Center located at 4215 Long Lane in Franklin and no appointments are required. 

The county's COVID-19 testing and vaccination operations are also being held at the Ag Center, but COVID-19 testing will be suspended during the FightFluTN event. 

COVID-19 self-test kits will continue to be distributed at the site on Tuesday, and COVID-19 vaccinations will resume from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. on Tuesday.

The Tennessee Department of Health has an online map with other locations state-wide that are participating in the FightFluTN event, and more information about fighting the seasonal flu can be found here.