Nolensville Board of Commissioners Candidates 2020

Nolensville Board of Commissioner candidates gather for a group photo outside of Town Hall on Election Day.

The Town of Nolensville elected its first Board of Commissioners on Tuesday after the historic vote to change the town’s charter and government structure in August.

Halie Gallik received 1,424 votes; Derek Adams 1,419; Joel Miller 1,401;  Alderwoman Wendy Cook-Mucci 1,382; and Lisa Garramone received 1,150 to be elected to the board.

Robert Verell received 1,101 votes, Tom Seyfried 945, Michael Edwards 870 and Alderman Tommy Dugger received 721, all falling short of their bids to represent the town.

According to the Williamson County Election Commission, early voting, which took place from August 26 through Sept. 10, saw a turnout of 16.8233%, or 1,432 of the 8,512 registered voters in the Nolensville town limits.

The lead up to the special election was full of community dialogues on the issues as well as an influx of negative ads that divided people on social media and led to candidates and voters alike hoping for civility and a new way forward for Nolensville.

Voters will see how the newly elected officials work together on the issues facing the small but growing town on Oct. 1 when Commissioners are sworn in at 6:30 p.m. just before their first meeting as a government body at 7 p.m.

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