The Nolensville Food Pantry is preparing to provide hundreds of holiday meals over the next few weeks and there are still opportunities for those with the means to help to do so with donations or volunteering.

The food pantry is a ministry of Providence Baptist Church that has been providing an important service to help combat food insecurity in Williamson County, and this year has seen a continued increase a demand as well as a new addition to their church campus.

The church began assembling a two-story barn kit building in the spring and began using the building in August. It has two grocery store-style aisles with several shelves lining the walls of the first floor, with everything from coffee grounds to salad dressings, barbecue sauces, cake mixes, dry pastas, canned soups and more. 

The new building sits next to the existing building that the food pantry has outgrown. Its second story was packed full of holiday favorites that have now been packed into Thanksgiving boxes along with snack bags and other perishables by volunteers.

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“It was thousands of pieces, it had every screw, every nail, everything you needed,” Nolensville Food Pantry Director Debbie Noland said, calling it a “rewarding” experience. “You opened it up and it said, put section one with section two and screw this to that, and we built it -- the church built it -- we did it ourselves, we didn’t hire anybody, and it was ours. We painted walls and hung lights and did all the electricity. It was good.”

The food pantry has long relied on relationships with area grocery stores and non-profits, but nearly two years into the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, rising food costs and supply chain issues have proven to be the most significant challenge as of late.

Noland said that they weren’t sure if they were even going to be able to get turkeys this year, but they were able to secure just enough birds, and were thankful to have a local business donate refrigerator space to help store the meat until the holiday.

“Everything has been about three times the price so this year has really been -- but I’m praising God right now because we’ve got turkeys, we’re going to have enough food and we’re going to be able to make sure some families have a good Thanksgiving,” Noland said.

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The food pantry is providing around 200 families with both Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes, but over the past few years the demand has grown for the food pantry, a demand that so far they have been able to meet with their weekly distributions. They filled up on their holiday box lists weeks in advance of Thanksgiving.

Noland said that the success of the food pantry and the ability of the group to continue to help serve families has been made possible because of a community that cares, and she encouraged anyone with the means to help to do so. 

“Everybody wants to help,” Noland said. “I always say that one can makes a difference. If everyone just brought one can we wouldn’t have a building big enough.”

The pantry is currently in need of diapers and goods that are found in many holiday recipes such as cans of pineapple or brown sugar. Donations of all varieties of foods and general merchandise are accepted and can be coordinated with the Nolensville Food Pantry here as well as monetary donations.

They are also still looking for individuals, families or groups who are willing to help with purchasing presents as part of their Christmas boxes which include the holiday meal and gifts. 

Anyone wishing to sign up for the food pantry’s Adopt a Family list can do so here.

The food pantry is located at 1668 Sunset Road, and more information about how to support the food pantry or information for those in need can be found here.