Members of Providence Baptist Church were joined by volunteers from Dollar General and Love’s Travel Stop and Truck Service to hand out Thanksgiving food boxes made possible through the Nolensville Food Pantry.

The boxes were stuffed with dry goods like instant mashed potatoes and gravy mix last week and were collected alongside large coolers filled with turkeys and hams, containers of whipped cream and hundreds of bottles of dish soap and detergent. 

Providence Ministry Assistant Debbie Noland leads the effort that saw more than 20 volunteers gather for shifts throughout Thursday.

Noland said that while over 160 boxes were stuffed last week but that number grew to a little over 180 recipients who will make not only a Thanksgiving meal this year but Thanksgiving memories. 

Nolensville Food Pantry 3

Debbie Noland, Jenny Teaster, Gary Augustson, Phyllis Brand

"My heart is just full today — We've had so many volunteers," Noland said. "I hate that there are so many hungry people but I'm thankful that we're able to provide for them. I just feel like through the church here God has blessed us and we're not allowing these people to go hungry and we're allowing them to have a happy moment in their lives through Thanksgiving."

Robert King, a store manger of the Franklin Dollar General volunteered alongside fellow employees as a way to give back to local communities.

Nolensville Food Pantry Thanksgiving

Volunteers hand out Thanksgiving meals at the Nolensville Food Pantry.

"This helps everybody come together as one on a local level instead of a national level. It's just a way to come together and help everybody out -- that's what we're supposed to do -- it's the holidays," King said. 

Nolensville Food Pantry Thanksgiving 3

Volunteers from Love's and Dollar General join members of Providence Baptist Church in handing out Thanksgiving meals at the Nolensville Food Pantry.

Food box recipients will also be provided with Christmas boxes that include both food and presents.

Noland said that the food pantry is always looking for donations of goods or money to help operate and give back to the growing population of those in need.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help with the Christmas drive is encouraged to contact the Nolensville Food Pantry by visiting their website or Facebook page or by calling Providence Baptist Church at (615)283-8197.