The Nolensville Lady Knights girls basketball team dominated the Marshall County Tigerettes to take the Region 6-AA Championship 68-33 at Community High School on Wednesday night.

“I am just really happy for these girls,” said Nolensville head coach Chris Ladd. “They have put in a lot of hard work this year, and it is nice to be rewarded.”   

In the first quarter, Nolensville charged out of the gate with a 17-0 run to begin the game. This momentum powered the Lady Knights to an early lead 19-2.

The Lady Knights stayed strong with contributions from junior Zoe Piller in the paint and senior Grace Baird from behind the arc to carry a 25-13 lead into halftime.

Marshall County’s rough shooting night continued In the third quarter. Jumpers and long range missiles from junior Caymin Ladd and senior Sydney Mickulin helped extend the Nolensville lead 52-25.

The Lady Knights kept the offensive fireworks going as Baird, Ladd, Mickulin, and senior Parker Leftwich contributed from long range. Piller continued her scoring party in the paint.  Nolensville sealed the victory 68-33, giving the Lady Knights the region championship.

The Lady Knights stout defense held district rival Marshall County to 33 points.

“Our defense was outstanding,” said Coach Ladd. “We just know them (Marshall County) so well from playing them so much. We were in tune and able to lock them down.”

“Our defense is like bread to our butter,” said Baird. “It is what makes us us.”

“We know Marshall and they know us, so it was a really good opportunity for us to show what we have to offer,” said Caymin Ladd.

The Lady Knights scoring leaders were Ladd with 20 points, Piller with 14, Baird with 13 and Mickulin with 10.

“My teammates worked to get me open,” said Caymin Ladd. “We work together and depend on each other to pull each other’s weight.”

"I could not score all of these points without Parker Leftwich driving it to me and other players getting me open,” said Baird.  

Marshall County’s scorers in double figures were senior Kelsey Keiler with 12 points and junior Dionna Crutcher with 10.

Baird won the region tournament MVP for Nolensville.

“I am really thankful for that,” said Baird. “I feel like I have been a little off this entire tournament, but it feels really good.”

Pillar and Caymin Ladd made the all-region tournament team.

“It is really great,” said Caymin Ladd. “My teammates have played well together and have come so far. Our chemistry is really good.”

Nolensville will face the region 5 AA runner-up (between Maplewood and Westmoreland) at home on Saturday night in the sectionals for a chance at the state tournament. 

“I hope to see us play together with confidence and working well together as a team,” said Caymin Ladd.

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