Nolensville March for Equality 2020

A group of community members have organized the Nolensville March for Equality through Nolensville on Saturday, June 20, to show solidarity and support for the black community.

The march was organized in part by members of Together Nolensville, a citizen group whose mission is "to support a unified pursuit for justice, equality, & protection for the minority members within our community," by way of education and unification through resources, events and fostering meaningful connections throughout the community. 

"Ultimately, we seek to bring growth to the Nolensville community on issues that affect minority groups disproportionately. Therefore, those individuals' voices are going to be elevated in this space so we can listen, learn, and grow," organizer Robyn Lee said in an email.

The peaceful march will depart from the Williamson County Recreation Complex at Nolensville at 6 p.m. and march to Ebenezer United Methodist Church, where they will then march in unity with the Ebenezer UMC congregation to the Nolensville Park football field.

The agenda includes a group prayer with a variety of local faith leaders, speeches by select people of color from the Nolensville community and a speech by Nashville actor Tyler Merritt, who runs The Tyler Merritt Project YouTube channel, and whose 2018 video “Before You Call.” (Also referred to as “Before You Call the Cops”) went viral.

Organizers have said that the event will be family friendly with the goal of supporting and fostering peaceful conversations and action around racism and racial justice with community members and neighbors.

Organizers expect the march to include several hundred participants are encouraging the use of masks and social distancing to promote public health and safety as the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing.  

More information about Together Nolensville can be found here.

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