Nolensville Planning Commission

The Nolensville Planning Commission met on Tuesday night where they approved a site plan for an addition to the Sunset Middle School Auditorium, All God’s Children Site Plan Review Facade Update and deferred several items.

Within the consent agenda was unanimously approved which included bond actions such as the transition for the Scales Farmstead Amenity Center from performance to maintenance bond for $11,044; a reduction in the Swainston landscape bond amount to $32,900 and the reduction of the Scales Farmstead Phase 3A performance bond amount to $726,283. 

Bond Actions 1 and 2, the transition of Bent Creek Phase 18 Section 2 from performance to maintenance bond for $64,096 and the Release of Brent Creek Phase 11 Section 2 from maintenance bonding were removed from the consent agenda and the agenda as a whole at the request of the applicant and deferred until the next meeting.

Six items of new business were taken up in the meeting including the Burkitt Commons II Preliminary Plat Standard Subdivision was approved 7-1.

Hillside Center Building 2 Site Plan Review with a landscape bond of $20,000 was approved unanimously. 

The Planning Commission had concerns over unknown variables and questions around the plan to dig a well and the construction of a driveway for the Daniels Subdivision Final Plat Standard Subdivision.  

The applicant then withdrew the item in order to discuss the Commission’s concerns with the developer and an engineer. 

Sunset Middle School Auditorium Addition Site Plan Review was approved unanimously.

Scales Farmstead P.U.D. Concept Plan Revision was deferred after a request from the applicant who, along with the Commission, heard concerns from citizens during the public comments section of the meeting.

All God’s Children Site Plan Review Facade Update was approved unanimously with the condition that the addition of pilasters are returned to the plan.

The Planning Commission unanimously approved the Bond Report.

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