Ricky Jerome Smith mug shot

Ricky Jerome Smith

The Nolensville Police Department arrested an alleged car burglar on Friday morning after a nearly two-hour manhunt involving three law enforcement agencies.

According to NPD Assistant Police Chief Mike Terns, 39-year-old Ricky Jerome Smith was arrested without incident around 5:30 a.m. after he was found near a school bus in the Nolensville High School parking lot by an unidentified bus driver.

Smith is believed to have been in the process of attempting to steal the bus as he dropped the bus keys when he fled.

NPD originally made contact with Smith after he was seen on a resident’s home security system breaking into a vehicle on York Road near the Summerlyn subdivision around 1 a.m.

Terns said that officers pursued the fleeing Smith through a nearby wooded area for nearly two hours with the assistance of police K-9s and officers and deputies from both the Brentwood Police Department and the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.

Smith initially escaped the manhunt but in the process officers found a vehicle in a nearby school parking lot that had been reported stolen out of Nashville around an hour earlier which also contained additional items that were reported stolen.

Terns said that residents living in the immediate area were alerted to the incident by the Town of Nolensville Emergency and Community Notification System.

Smith is currently held in the Williamson County Jail with a $69,600 bond and is charged with Theft over $1,000, Burglary of a motor vehicle, Theft over $2,500, Evading arrest, Criminal attempt to commit theft over $60,000 but under $250,000 and trespassing on school property.

According to Terns, Smith is also facing charges from other jurisdictions. Smith has a court date of Feb. 27.

No one was injured in the incident.

Residents can enroll in the Town of Nolensville Emergency and Community Notification System by creating a text message to 888-777 and entering their zip code.

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