Damaged Nolensville Police Vehicle

The Nolensville Police Department SUV damaged in Friday morning's incident.

A multi-agency pursuit led to the hospitalization and arrest of a Nashville man after police said he fled in a stolen truck and struck several vehicles in Nolensville before being apprehended some 18 miles away.

According to an NPD social media post, the pursuit began around 8 a.m. when NPD was notified about a stolen truck and trailer that was intercepted at the corner of Nolensville Road and Rocky Fork Road.

An unmarked police vehicle maneuvered in front of the truck in an attempt to prevent the driver from fleeing, at which point the driver, identified by NPD as 37-year-old Tracy L. Potts, swerved and struck a civilian's vehicle before ramming the NPD vehicle.

Tracy L. Potts mug shot

Tracy L. Potts

The unidentified NPD officer was uninjured in the incident, and according to NPD Chief Roddy Parker, the unidentified civilian was not transported to a hospital. Both vehicles were significantly damaged.

The pursuit, which included the aid of the Williamson County Sheriff's Office's helicopter Air One, then entered Rutherford County where Rutherford County Sheriff's Office Deputies used spike strips to disable the truck's tires.

Parker said in a phone call that Potts eventually lost control of the truck and ran into a ditch at the intersection of Fuller Road and Flat Creek Road just off of Highway 31-A near the Marshall County line.

Potts was transported to an area hospital, and according to WCSO Public Information Officer Sharon Puckett has not yet been booked into the Williamson County Jail, pending his release from the hospital. 
Potts' medical condition is unknown at this time, and the complete charges Potts' is facing are unknown, but will include at least one count of aggravated assault, assault against a first responder, evading arrest with a mother vehicle, reckless endangerment and driving on a revoked license. More charges are expected from other jurisdictions and agencies. 

NPD also reported that Potts is currently awaiting trial in Nashville on three previous auto thefts.