Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department

The Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department is always accepting donations, but with the arrival of the department's first ladder truck, an anonymous donor has offered to match donations up to $60,000 specifically for the ladder truck. 

The final donation campaign of 2019 will wrap up on Dec. 31 and so far has raised around $15,500.

“The opportunity to have this matching donation is incredible and not something you see often,” NVFD Chief Adam Spencer said in an email. “If we can get the full match, we will be able to upgrade all of the equipment we've been needing to replace including the rescue airbags, the second set of new extrication equipment, and replacing all of our rope rescue equipment.  Those three items alone total more than $50,000.  If we're able to save one life with this new equipment, then it was worth the purchase. With the match, we're able to purchase all of the equipment needed plus purchase new fire hose, which we're in need of along with several other items to bring NVFD up to speed technology-wise.”

Spencer encouraged donations from both individuals and businesses, noting that unlike donations to other organizations, a donation to NVFD will be returned back into the community in the form of service. Service that quite literally can save someone’s home or life in addition to the benefit of faster responses and lower insurance rates.

“From a hometown aspect, they are helping to protect the citizens and visitors who purchase a home from them, get a loan from them, or purchase goods and services from them every single day,” Spencer said. “Being able to say they helped invest in the public safety of their customers is a HUGE public relations win and we are absolutely willing to give them public recognition for it by doing news stories, social media outreach, or anything else they'd like.”

Spencer said that while they do receive funds from both the county and town, that the majority of the needs are met by a community that has given them both support and funds to help keep Nolensville safe. 

That dedication will continue into the holiday week as Spencer has said confirmed that the fire station will be manned by at least four volunteer firefighters on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

Spencer said that the community stepped up on Thanksgiving to provide his crew with much appreciated support and meals, a gesture that he said would be welcomed on Christmas as NVFD volunteers spend one more holiday away from their families in order to watch over all of the families of Nolensville.

Any business interested in making a contribution can contact NVFD Chief Adam Spencer at or

Additionally, the fire station can be contacted by phone at (615) 776-5050 or on the department’s Facebook page.

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