NVFD Fire Chief Adam Spencer

NVFD Fire Chief Adam Spencer

Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief Adam Spencer announced his resignation from the department on Tuesday night.

Spencer’s last day in the leadership role will be Friday, April 9.

Spencer made the announcement in a social media post in which he said that his decision was made due to an increase in workload and changes with his family. In addition to serving as NVFD’s Chief, Spencer works as a fulltime, career firefighter in Rutherford County.

“When I joined NVFD four years ago, I had no idea how much I'd fall in love with our little town or its people,” Spencer said in the post. “This quaint little town sure has charm. Becoming the Chief of a Fire Department fulfilled a dream I've had since I was a little boy and I thank the good Lord above for blessing me with the opportunity. When I took the position, I had three goals:

• Leave the department better than when I found it.

• Make sure my people knew how important they were to me and to you.

• Get us more involved in the community and show you how much we cared.

“Looking back, I'm proud to say I believe we achieved every single one of those goals and more," Spencer continued. "We went from the brink of being dissolved to being the most active and one of the best-trained volunteer fire departments in this county and quite possibly the state. It's solely because of the people I've had the pleasure of leading that this was made possible. Please let them know how much they mean to you anytime you see them out. They deserve every thank you, every hug from a kid, and more.”

Spencer has served as NVFD's Chief for two years, and Assistant Fire Chief Chris Allen will take over command of the department as Acting Fire Chief through the spring.

In addition to responding to emergency calls, Allen's most notable role will be in helping with the transition of service to the newly established Nolensville’s Fire Department, the first municipal, combination department in the town’s history, which is scheduled to be in service in July.

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