Father Anthony Stewart Mother Teresa Catholic Church 2021

Nolensville’s newly-established Mother Teresa Catholic Church will hold their first Sunday mass this upcoming Sunday, Sept. 5, marking a new era for the faithful in Williamson County.

The church was initially announced in early 2020 after a $4.2 million purchase of 166 acres in Nolensville, and while the long-term plan is to establish a campus on the property, the church will mark the historic mass in the Nolensville Elementary School gymnasium, with services at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Mother Teresa Catholic Church leader Father Anthony Stewart said in a phone call that the rich history of establishing Catholic Churches throughout the United States has become less frequent, which means this new congregation is especially significant.

“It’s kind of humbling that we stand on the shoulders of giants, with starting a parish in the eastern part of Williamson County,” Stewart said. “We realize that a lot of people have done this in the past, and it doesn’t happen much anymore, but all of here in Nolensville are excited to do that because we know that it’s a very rare occurrence, especially when in other places like up in the Northeast, they’re closing Catholic Churches, so it’s really rare that we get to create one.”

Father Anthony spent the last three years serving as Associate Pastor of Holy Family Catholic Church in Brentwood, and now he lives on the Nolensville property which will house the future campus.

“The beautiful thing about it is that in my last three years at Holy Family, we had 333 families from Nolensville coming to mass in Brentwood,” Stewart said. “We knew that there was a need with that many families coming from Nolensville.”

Father Anthony said that as Middle Tennessee is seeing an influx of transplant residents from states like California, Illinois and Michigan, states which already have well established Catholic communities, he expects the need for residents looking for a Catholic Church in Nolensville to grow.

“We started with 202 volunteers that will be going in to set up chairs in the gym, putting down a gym-floor covering, setting up an altar, sound equipment and all that,” Stewart said, adding that they have 197 families who’ve registered with the church.

“That’s a total of 522 people that will be a part of our church on day one,” Stewart said. “And, again, I got to know a lot of them just by seeing them at mass over at Holy Family.”

Father Anthony said that all are welcome to Sunday’s service, and added that they are excited to begin the process of permanently establishing not just the congregation but the campus that will one day be home to a school and church.

“Within the next two to three years, we hope that St. Michael’s Academy is built and has students, and once St. Michael’s Academy is built, we will transition from Nolensville Elementary to begin using the St. Michael’s Academy [facility,]” Stewart said. “And we hope over the next three to four years, to fundraise and save our pennies and dimes so that in four or five years we can build our own Mother Teresa Catholic Church up on this big, beautiful hill.”

NES is located at 2338 Rocky Fork Road in Nolensville, and more information about Mother Teresa Catholic Church can be found here.