Nolo Ortho

One of Nolensville's newest businesses, Nolo Ortho, held its grand opening story on Oct. 28.

The business was founded by three partners, Dr. Chris Cook, nurse practitioner Todd Warren and Dr. James Eby, and focuses on general orthopedics and sports medicine including regenerative medicine, in-house physical therapy, ultrasound-guided joint injections and fluoro-guided interventional spinal injections.

Community members gathered to celebrate the grand opening which included refreshments from some other Nolensville-favorite businesses including Outlanders Southern Chicken, Mill Creek Brewing Company, The Southern Whoopie and Itty Bitty Donuts and Specialty Coffee.

Nolo Ortho

"Opening this office, what we were really shooting for is having a more personalized boutique orthopedic feel than maybe some of the other places that I have been previously," Warren, who has lived in Nolensville with his family for 20 years, said in a phone call. 

"We want to focus on giving that VIP treatment to every patient that comes in, and make sure that we take the time to explain what's going on with their condition and make sure that the patient understands that," Warren said. 

Nolo Ortho is located at 7116 Nolensville Road in Nolensville.