Nolensville Oh My Chives Co-Op with Cornell Brothers Coffee Espresso Bar and LoKales Juices

Nolensville Oh My Chives Co-Op with Cornell Brothers Coffee Espresso Bar and LoKales Juices.

When Angela Daly decided to open Oh My Chives on Nolensville Road near Rocky Fork Road, she had no idea what to expect. Young, industrious and astute, she had faith in her ability to make things work.

“I knew I wanted to start my own business,” she said, “I started out to be a little market. 

She learned soon enough that a little market wasn’t going to work. “I couldn’t compete on price. Rents are high and while people say they love specialty items, buying them often enough to make my market successful, turned out to be kind of a myth.” 

Not easily discouraged, Angela started to transition her business to a restaurant. About that time, she also caught a break. She now had more space than she needed. Enter Peter Cornell and Laura Sharp.        

Peter Cornell, a semi-retired musician, with a passion for coffee, especially, espresso, wanted to open a coffee bar. “My grandfather taught me about coffee,” Cornell said. “He had his own grinder and he understood the importance of using the best beans you could find.” Cornell needed a small, affordable space and Daly had it. 

A day later, Laura Sharp, who had been studying nutrition and thinking about how she might be able to use her knowledge and her passion for healthy living, walked into Oh My Chives and saw an opportunity. She had bought a juice business in 2019, and waited patiently to find the right location for it.  She met Angela Daly shortly after Daly opened Oh My Chives. Daly explained that she still had room for another small business. The square footage was ideal for a fresh juice store. Sharp, like Cornell, was now in a position to live her dream.

Do these three businesses compete with each other? They all agree they do not. In fact, they complement each other. “We communicate all the time,” Sharp said. “If one of us wants to add something new, we discuss it to make sure there isn’t a conflict.”

Daly offered an example of the way things frequently work out. “Just the other day a husband, wife and child came in. The husband wanted a sandwich, which I made for him. His wife wanted coffee. Of course, Peter took care of that, and their child wanted a smoothie, one of Laura’s specialties.”

Oh My Chives is known for its sandwiches, especially their “market melt,” which includes locally sourced sourdough bread, turkey, bacon, cheese, avocado, onion and house sauce. “We try to buy locally sourced products whenever we can. My bagels are made by Crieve Hall Bagel Company. We buy our lettuce and tomatoes from a local hydroponic farm.” 

Cornell Brothers Coffee sells a wide variety of coffees. “The Cubana is our most popular drink,” said Cornell. Among other options, they serve cold brewed coffee and chai tea.  He buys his coffee directly from farms as far away as South American countries, including, Columbia, Honduras and Brazil. Otherwise, he works through coffee brokers. “When we’re satisfied that our beans meet our standards, we roast once a week, on Tuesday nights. “The key to our success is the beans. I’ve studied coffee extensively for many years,” said Cornell, who is 61.

Is he thinking about opening another location? “My wife Amy and I are partners. We’re looking at several locations, such as College Grove and Brentwood. We opened in Nolensville first because we love downtown Nolensville’s historic village.”

Lokales Juice opened on June 5, 2021, the same day as Cornell Brother Coffee. Sharp, who was a stay-at-home mom before she opened her business, set out to sell healthy food and drink. Her juices are all made from fresh produce. Her green light juice, for example, is all greens including kale, spinach, celery, parsley and cucumber with just a touch of lemon added. “Our smoothies are filled with healthy fruits and vegetables, too,” she said. “For example, our Forever Young smoothie is a combination of strawberries, bananas, maple syrup and coconut milk.” 

Lokales also offers acai bowls and wellness shots like wheatgrass. Sharp also sources as much locally as she can from places like Bloomsbury Farm in Smyrna. She is hoping to expand through franchising in the future.

Angela Daly spoke for all three business owners when she said, “My dream for Oh My Chives and the others is for us to become something like the old TV show, ‘Cheers.’” She smiled at the reference. “We want to be known as Nolensville’s spot where everybody knows your name.”