g davis SOW

Gary Davis


Gary Davis, son of Gary and Consuela Davis, is a sophomore at Nolensville High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

His biggest passion is football. “There is nothing like it,” he said. “Helping out teammates and others is the best feeling.”

One of his top role models is professional football player, Tom Brady. He said Brady has inspired him to believe in himself no matter what.

Davis’s study hall teacher, Mrs. Lindsey, said of him, “Gary has consistently helped others with things in my study hall. Last week he helped a student clean up an accidental spill quickly and efficiently while also telling the student it was okay. He never made them feel badly about it, but rather just took care of everything to help the other student.”

When asked to pick a favorite class at NHS, he chose English with Mrs. Thornton. He said he appreciates it for the friendly, caring environment.

When he’s not in class, he likes to spend his free time playing football and cooking.

As he is only a sophomore, Davis is currently keeping his options for the future wide open. He is currently considering a career as a sports caster, lawyer or therapist.