c luc SOW

Chelsea Luc


Chelsea Luc, daughter of Christina Luc and Kent Nguyen, is a freshman at Nolensville High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

This year, Luc said her biggest accomplishment  was being able to maintain a 4.0 GPA while balancing her extracurriculars and helping with her parents’ business.

One of her passions in life is mental health. “Many suffer from mental health issues because they haven’t been taught how to cope with struggles or may not have a support system,” she said. 

Her sister is her top role model in life. “It’s a constant thing in our family that I am her mini me,” she said. “She supports me and guides me to a path that I need and want. She is everything to me.”

When asked to name her favorite class she chose history because learning about the past really interests her.

One of her teachers, Mrs. Janelle, said of her, “Chelsea is a hard worker and always strives to give 100%. She is kind to others and I see her growing her leadership skills each day.”

When she’s not in class, she enjoys serving on Student Council and the Women’s Rights Advocate Student Club. 

After graduating from NHS, she plans to pursue a career in a field where she can help others.