JD Simms obit

John Davis Simms, affectionately known by many as “JD,” left his earthly life to be with Jesus on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019. 

Born on Jan. 25, 1997, in Nashville, Tennessee, John Davis was a lifetime resident of Williamson County, Tennessee, spending the majority of his childhood and young adult life in Franklin and Brentwood, and most recently residing in Thompson's Station. 

He is preceded in death by his loving maternal grandparents, Cedric E. Flowers, Jr. and Sue Akel Flowers; his grandfather, Robert Buck; and his uncle, Eric Mace Falk. He is survived by his paternal grandmother, Janice Akin Buck; his mother and father, Marcia Flowers Simms and John Jay Simms (Lee Ann)his sister, Katherine Anne (Katie) Simms; brother, James Boyd Simms (Emily); sister, Heather Jacobs (Tom)uncle, James Thomas Falkaunt, Katherine Carpenter (Neal); and a host of adoring nieces and nephews. 

Never a stranger, John Davis was fiercely loyal to his family and friends.  You didn’t have to be a good friend to JD for JD to be a good friend to you.  Anyone who was fortunate enough to cross his path immediately recognized his genuine kindness, compassion and gentle spirit. He cared deeply, loved deeply, and felt emotions deeply. He was the light in the room, always dancing and cracking a joke, in hopes of making others smile. 

John Davis was an avid sportsman and athlete. A day spent hunting, fishing, or skiing with his lifetime best friend, Elliott, was just about as good as a day could get.  He was a devotee of Civil War history – a passion he shared with his late uncle, Eric.  JD could also tell you anything you could ever want to know about WWI and WWII theaters of war.   

Following in his father’s footsteps, JD was a talented golfer - showing great promise from a very young age.  He also excelled on the football and lacrosse fields, was passionate about dirt biking, snow skiing, the lake, and the Gulf Coast.  He was a die-hard Auburn football fan, and, as a classic Southern boy, he cherished his Ford pickup truck. 

JD also was passionate about and excelled in the creative arts.  “Old Soul” was a description that many used for him throughout the years.  He adored music from all decades and genres – an ongoing interest and passion he shared with his mother.  He was a talented abstract artist and regularly enjoyed sketching in his notepad. 

John Davis and his big sister, Katie, shared a very special bond.  Just two years apart in age, they grew up and experienced side by side all childhood and family milestones.  JD’s protective spirit was doubled when it came to Katie.  “I’ve got your back, sis,” was his lifelong mantra.  He adored Katie’s two children, sharing an extra special bond with his oldest nephew, Weston.  

John Davis Simms will be missed by so very many.  In his sister’s words, “Our world has lost its shine.  But we take comfort in knowing that JD is at peace, in heaven’s paradise with Jesus and many of our cherished family members.  One day we will be reunited.  We will see our precious boy again. 

A celebration of John Davis’ life will be held on Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019 in the Wallace Chapel at Christ Church, Nashville.  Visitation at noon, service at 1:30 p.m.  Flowers are welcome.  As are contributions in JD’s memory to Narrow Gate Foundation.




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