It appears we all survived the great winter storm of 2019 that came through last week.

Oh, but that’s right, it didn’t come through after all, did it? The panicked visits to Kroger and Publix were not necessary after all.

Well, that was on Monday, when all the snow was supposed to have hit that night and into Tuesday morning. As we all know, we woke Tuesday morning to nothing but some rain.

But Wednesday morning, as I left the house about 5:45 to go to the Y, I was pretty surprised when I saw the snowflakes in my rear camera as I backed out of the garage. Had any of my weather prognosticators said anything about that? If so, I missed it.

By the time I left the Y, it was coming down pretty steadily, and streets and grassy areas were beginning to be covered. Traffic was slow, to say the least, and the decision had been made to call off schools in Williamson County.

By about 9 a.m. the sun was out, and we had dodged another bullet. It was plenty cold, but the white stuff was, again, inconsequential.

Then came all the comments. I’m not on social media (because I just can’t), so I probably don’t see or hear a fraction of what some of you do, but I heard the snarky remarks about the weather forecasters, the school administration and global warming.

“Those folks on Channel XXX get so excited about all the snow and ice we’re supposed to have but I guess they’re pretty embarrassed now,” I happened to overhear someone say in the locker room.

Well, guys, it’s their job, and it’s not an exact science.

I get really defensive of people who I think are doing the best they can, but get criticized.

I have learned, over the vast expanse of my life, not to rely 100 percent on what a weather person tells me. But I’ve also learned, in general, they get pretty darn close.

As I write this, it is Friday and just as Lisa on Channel 4 told me earlier this week, it’s beginning to warm up. I bet she is right, too, about what the weekend is going to be like with warmer temperatures on the way.

But if one of those systems happens to make a turn and it’s a little cooler than expected this weekend, I’m not going to hold Lisa personally responsible or be of the opinion that she had it out for all of us and spitefully gave us an incorrect forecast.

All in all, I appreciate the Lisas, the Dans and the other folks who try to let me know how I need to dress and whether I might need an umbrella, and I’m not holding them accountable for the times their forecasts are off a bit.

Along those lines, I’m guessing Williamson County Schools Superintendent Mike Looney long ago came to terms with the fact that he’ll make people mad no matter what he might decide regarding closing schools when it snows.

I suppose he had to make a quick decision last Wednesday when that quick snow shower started about 6 a.m. I realize the closing of school likely threw a wrench into working parents’ days, but I also know traffic was crawling by 7 a.m. and folks were slipping and sliding. It would have only taken one school bus going off the road for there to be plenty of carping about why schools were in session.

Looney made his informed decision to call off school that day, and by noon (maybe earlier) that decision was being questioned and challenged. I’m glad that’s not a call I had to make, and the guy has my sympathy.

As for peanut gallery commentary on global warming, it was the same as we hear whenever we get a cold snap, which is always something like, “Ha, I wonder what happened to global warming?”

Best I can tell, there are concerns from both sides of this issue: those who think global warming is a serious threat and those who think it’s exaggerated. I’m not sure how I feel about it and I’m no scientist, but I believe the topic has much more to it than hot and cold weather and the occasional cold snap we might have.

Winter is still with us for a few more weeks. And by the time you read this, the groundhog will have made his appearance and determined whether we’ll have an early spring or not.

I hope he’s braced for the critique he is likely to receive.

Bob McKinney is a longtime Brentwood resident, happy husband and proud father, father-in-law and grandfather. Email him at

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