If you’re not changing, you’re not growing. It’s a well-known adage, but one that’s plenty true.  

For the past 10 years, Home Page Media Group has done a lot of both. We started out as a hyperlocal website serving just Brentwood — and over the years we’ve expanded into many other communities, including Spring Hill, Nolensville and Franklin. 

I can’t claim any ownership over that growth and innovation: Our publisher Kelly Gilfillan and her team, in all its iterations, have worked hard over the years to build trust in the community. And our readers have responded by supporting us and coming back time and time again to get their news. Our readers have allowed us to change and grow and learn. 

But our biggest project to date starts now: In just a couple short weeks, we’re launching a website that gives you news across the whole county while still giving you the ability to get the news about your individual communities. I’ve spent the past three months building this new plan with Kelly and with our reporters — and we’re all thrilled to give you something more.  

We’re calling it Williamson Home Page, and we want to invite you to change and grow with us. Let us know what you like about the new site and what, if anything, you miss about the way we’ve done things before. Your feedback is always welcome. 

On, you’ll find the best countywide news stories written by our talented writers. Want to know what’s happening on the weekends? We’ll have that. Curious about what your local government spends money on? We’ll find out. Want to see who’s donating to the big political campaigns? We’ll have that too. Need to know how the football game went last Friday night? Got it. 

We know many of you like your hyperlocal websites, and we know that you’ve learned to trust us to deliver on your community’s news. So we’ve found a way to give you the best of both worlds. If you still want to get your Brentwood Home Page content, we’re here to support that. You’ll be able to toggle over to Brentwood Home Page — or Franklin, Spring Hill and Nolensville — and get your dose of news focused just on your community, with the added bonus of toggling back to see what’s going on in the county. If you like to check in on business news on our Business Williamson site, that’ll also be easily accessible on the new website. 

Over the next couple of weeks, keep an eye out on social media for contests and announcements about how to engage with us. Keep checking your email — in our newsletters we’ll explain more about what the new website can do. The newsletters will get a fresh upgrade — as has our logo.

This is an exciting time for us, and for you. We get to, yet again, prove to you why you’ve been coming to us for 10 years. We get to show you just how good change and growth can be.

You’ll continue to get any of the newsletters you’re currently signed up for, but please sign up to receive our new Williamson Home Page email when we launch:



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