As we move into fall, there are some routine maintenance items that you are probably handling around your home. You may have started tidying the garden or landscape areas and giving your patio or deck and outdoor furniture some attention too. With a season change and cleaning in mind, you should also take a look at the filters for HVAC unit.

Keeping the filters clean in your unit helps to maintain the health of your unit as well as the air you and your family are breathing inside your home. If the filters are dirty, the unit has to work harder to heat or cool and your wallet and air quality may suffer as a result!

So, how do you know if you need to change a filter? The easiest way to tell is to look at it. Hold it up to the light and if you can’t see any light coming through, it is time for a new one. Some filters have time recommendations on the packaging for changing filters, but if you run your unit more or less, those recommendations may not be accurate for your family.

You may use your unit more and need to change them more frequently or less and a one-month filter may last two! There are many different styles of filters available at as many different price points from the cheapest fiber glass filters to more expensive pleated filters with a variety of ratings depending on the filtration level you want. It is helpful to have a few extra filters in the correct sizes on hand so you can change them as the need arises rather than having to put it off for a shopping trip.

When you change the filters, follow the instructions on the package, specifically the direction the arrow should be facing. A helpful low-tech option is to write the date on the actual filter to document the change so you can monitor easily just by looking at it. You can also add a monthly reminder to your digital calendar to quickly inspect them and replace as necessary to keep the unit and your family healthy!

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