Things in your life are calming down now that the kids are grown, established in their careers and out of the house. You’ve left the corporate world behind and now it has become apparent that some things need to change for you to live a peaceful, healthy lifestyle long past retirement age.

These basic questions now swirl in your mind as you try to decide what your next step will be as you move into the next stage of your life. Do you need a smaller house? Do you want a smaller yard to maintain? Should you be closer to your kids and grandkids?

And then there are these questions which go beyond the basics to lifestyle questions. Do you dream of pursuing new hobbies or even a new career? How about resort or condo living? Do you want to share a home with a family member or friend? Depending on your age and activity level, perhaps moving into a “lifestyle” community or towards an assisted living community might be an option?

The list is endless and each situation is different. Only you can decide what the best scenario is for the rest of your life. Take time to consider your options and decide what is best for you and your family.

As you begin to ponder your options, one word keeps popping up in discussions on television, the internet, and in newspapers and magazines. This often used and ugly word is PURGE!

If the thought of going through your belongings and sorting them into piles doesn’t appeal to you, there are companies that will do it for you. Estate sales are more popular than ever! Donations to local charities will make good use of the things that you cannot use or no longer want. Keep the things that mean the most to you, get rid of the rest and enjoy the feeling of a calmer, clutter-free existence.

Be sure to tour senior living options in your area if that makes your short list. New builds in this category are appearing all the time. Drive around and see what’s going on during the day and night.

Most communities will periodically host an open house of model homes and offer tours of amenities for your convenience. Don’t be afraid to talk to the current residents about their favorite things in the communities as well as their least favorite aspects since moving.

Uncertainty is involved in this decision-making process and may include fear of the unknown future residence and lifestyle, and even dread of the physical challenges involved in long distance moves. You may also be faced with making new friends, navigating a different medical community, new church group or finding new shopping areas for the necessities. Keep in mind that all of these things took time to establish in your previous area so be patient as you enter a new phase!

Be sure to choose vendors carefully as you create your plan. Movers, organizers, and estate sale companies should be prepared to assist in making your new destination a reality. If you decide to sell your home, your real estate Broker is an excellent choice to make referrals of those people you may need to help you get the process started.

As always, “You’ve got a Friend in Real Estate” that will consult with you and share ideas as you transition to your next “adventure.”

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