To the Editor:

I read recently that Governor Phil Bredesen has created a group, “Women United for Bredesen,” to focus on issues that matter to women in Tennessee.

I find this incredibly refreshing for a candidate to put so much emphasis on an often ignored group of people. Because our issues are just as important.

I want to know that my kids can access a quality education without drowning in debt. I want to know that if someone in my family gets sick, going to the hospital won’t bankrupt us. I want to know my concerns are being taken seriously by my representatives, rather than lost in partisan bickering that’s all too typical of Washington.

Marsha Blackburn keeps talking about “values,” but I don’t know where she got her values from. Certainly not here in Tennessee. Marsha has wrapped herself around  Washington special interests, often at the expense of people back home in Tennessee. Her opponent, on the other hand, says he’s “applying for the job.” Even though Phil Bredesen has a proven track record of expanding education, improving healthcare, and balancing the budget 8 years in a row, he wants to do more for Tennessee in the U.S. Senate.

This new group is just another way the Governor has shown he is listening to us. He has kept women central to his campaign. Bredesen is ready to hear about our problems, our needs, our goals and he is determined to take that information to Washington. I support Phil Bredesen for U.S. Senate because I know he will work for me and the women of Tennessee. I look forward to voting for Phil Bredesen on November 6, and encourage my peers to join Women United for Bredesen.


Morgan Andrews

Nolensville, TN