To the Editor:

Starting on October 30, everyone who lives, works, and plays in Franklin is invited to participate in an initiative called On the Table.

This Franklin Tomorrow initiative is an opportunity to gather around a table with friends, neighbors, colleagues and maybe even someone you are meeting for the first time, to share some food and have a real conversation about what’s important to us, what’s great about our community, and ways to make it better.

I recently attended a Host Training session with about 20 other people who plan to participate in the conversations.  I was very excited by the tenor of the conversations we had during training and look forward to the kick-off event which is Breakfast with the Mayors on Tuesday, October 30 at Rolling Hills Community Church, starting at 7 a.m.

In my opinion, during this time of political uneasiness, where people disagree by insulting each other, taking time to discuss what’s good about Franklin and how we can make it better will be of great benefit to our community.  By bringing people together for civil discourse, we have a safe environment to have all perspectives represented and heard.  That alone is something that will make our community a better place.

I encourage everyone to join these one-hour conversations that will be taking place all over Franklin from October 30 through November 3.  To sign up to be part of the conversation, go to


Mary Lee Bennett

Franklin 37064