To the Editor:

Human trafficking is a disgusting and horrific crime that scars its victims irreparably.

Many are aware of human trafficking that occurs in places like Venezuela and Afghanistan, but few would suspect that it was happening in your own community. In October, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced an undercover human trafficking sting in Brentwood that resulted in felony indictments for 22 men alleged to be meeting with minors for sex. These despicable schemes were being carried out in our own backyard, and this wasn’t just an isolated incident. This was the 11th sting conducted by the TBI since 2015.

Marsha Blackburn tirelessly worked across the aisle to cosponsor legislation to give law enforcement the ability to take action against morally repugnant websites that facilitate sex trafficking, regardless of how the content is created or uploaded. No one was bringing awareness about until Marsha Blackburn did. We need leaders in the Senate who have the moral courage to stand up and fight for what is right, regardless of how hard that may be. Marsha’s work will save the lives of Tennesseans and we should all get out to support her and vote for her in November to be Tennessee’s next U.S. senator.

Thank you for your consideration,

Nancy Alcorn

Nashville 37209