To the Editor:

Franklin’s Ward 1 residents, represented by Alderman Beverly Burger, have greatly benefited from her experience and common-sense approach to issues both large and small.

After east side residents asked for easy access to locally grown “in season” organic food, Alderman Burger stepped up to solve that problem by helping to make the East Franklin Farmer’s Market a reality. The market is now conveniently located in Liberty Park and open every Saturday (year-around) from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. This cost her constituents nothing while adding a great value in service to Ward 1 residents.

As a “healthy options” only market, the East Franklin Farmer’s Market intentionally sets the bar high for quality, rather than offering the crowded inconvenience of quantity. Easy access to clean foods means better health, and is the most important fundamental answer to larger healthcare issues.

This is the kind of no nonsense approach you get from Alderman Burger.  The best interests of her neighbors are her guide and prove that her actions are consistent with her word.  Alderman Beverly Burger is the only candidate whose record speaks clearly and proudly for itself. She is a true public servant and I urge you to return her to office on Oct. 24. We need her experience, her diligence and her public servant’s heart that serves everyone so well in Ward 1.

James Gardner

East Franklin Farmer’s Market

Franklin 37067