To the Editor:
Our community has trusted Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn to do one job for the past 15 years: show up and vote for what’s best for people in District 7.
This year alone, she missed 105 out of 393 votes in Congress, making her Tennessee’s second-most absent member of Congress. It is ridiculous for her to ask for a promotion when she hasn’t fully committed to her current duties. It’s clear that our best interests are not a top priority for her. As much as I’d love to see District 7 represented in a statewide office, I don’t think we can trust her to put Tennesseans over her straight-line party politics.

Washington is consistently stuck in gridlock and now is not the time to be absent when important decisions are being made. Americans are constantly being let down by our healthcare system, students are graduating with thousands of dollars of debt, and the only way our representatives in Congress can help foster prosperity is by being there to vote for constructive policies.

Meanwhile, Gov. Phil Bredesen is applying for the job. He has a plan to overhaul the federal student loan system, expand rural broadband through TVA, and balance the federal budget in 6 years. I’m done being frustrated with Congresswoman Blackburn for being preoccupied with her own self-promotion instead of doing the hard work in the House.  At any other job, not showing up to work would lead to being fired. That is why in November, I’m going to vote for Phil Bredesen.
Emily Hopkins
Franklin TN 37069