To the Editor:

I am a resident of Franklin’s Ward I and have had the honor and privilege to know Alderman Bev Burger for a number of years.

As a former elected official myself and a current emergency management professional and teacher of disaster preparedness, I know what it takes to help lead a city and tackle challenging and important issues each and every day.

I did not know Alderman Burger until an issue arose in our subdivision in May 2010 related to a retention pond that was threatening our neighborhood houses with flooding due to an issue with the pond’s outlet. The pond was newly constructed by our neighborhood school and water had risen above the banks and entered several neighbors’ yards.

I reached out to Bev, as my Alderman, and she returned my call immediately. I have never received such a rapid response and quality service from an elected official. Bev brought together county, city, and Williamson County school officials to determine the correct jurisdiction. She brought a resolution to the issue immediately.

Workers began fixing the problem by the second day and Bev stayed on top of things until completed. Most importantly, Bev cared to take the time to understand the issue, bring the correct people together, solve the problem, and followed up to make sure it was completed.

As a constituent I was extremely impressed, and continue to be so. Alderman Burger’s leadership and service are examples of what we need from our elected officials.

Please vote to re-elect Alderman Bev Burger!

John Walsh

Franklin 37067

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