To the Editor:

Tennesseans and our nation are witnessing a Trojan Horse political campaign for the United States Senate at the hands of a radical Democratic Party leadership that fully embraces the corrupt and godless theories and tactics of Karl Marx, as it constantly agitates for supporters of “socialism” and engages in militant and violent confrontations and attacks upon our governmental, economic, military, educational, social and religious institutions.

Marxism provides that the ultimate revolutionary achievement of a communist state will typically be preceded by achievement of a socialist state – for which Democratic Party leaders now clamor.

Instead of the Republican Party “Make America Great Again”, the Democratic Party obviously prefers “Make America Socialist/Communist Now.” Why has Mr. Philip Bredesen, a former governor of Tennessee and the Democratic Party nominee, acquiesced in and given support to such a Democratic Party leadership, and what does his prior failure to renounce their beliefs and tactics say about his qualifications to oppose these tactics and represent Tennesseans in the United States Senate?

Traditional Democratic Party members have every reason to embrace the conclusion of former Republican President Ronald Reagan: “I did not leave the Democratic

Party; the Party left me.”

And just how do we answer the thousands of our veterans, living and dead, who did their best to confront and defeat communist forces, so as to assure that such

political corruption of our nation would never occur? The answer is our patriotic vote for U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn, the Republican nominee for U. S. Senator.

Donald T. and Nan J. Chunn

Columbia, TN 38401