To the Editor:
There’s a massive federal attack on states’ rights under way that the media hasn’t been covering sufficiently.
Animal abusing interest lobbyists and their front man, Rep. Steve King of Iowa, are pushing a law that would largely strip states of the power to pass their own laws regarding food and agriculture.

King’s bill, H.R. 4879, which recently advanced was added to the Farm Bill in Congress, would prevent states from regulating the quality and safety of food products imported from other states. It forces us to accept food from states with lower standards of food production, and undercuts our farmers and our laws. We would be forced to go all the way to Washington to affect laws about our food. It’s our constitutional right as a state to decide for ourselves what we want to end up in our grocery stores and on our tables.

Please contact your members of Congress, or better yet, meet with them in person as soon as possible and tell them to oppose the King Amendment in order to keep our food safe and businesses protected from this assault on our freedoms. I personally call on Representative Blackburn, Senator Alexander and Senator Corker to help ensure King’s measure is removed from the Farm Bill.

Ashley Cunnyngham
Franklin, TN 37064