To the Editor:

A few years ago a mutual friend of Bobby Hullett and mine suggested I contact him about a particular issue when Mr. Hullett was on the school board.

At the time I didn’t know anything about Mr. Hullett, so in my email I offered to meet with him to hear his perspective.

In his response — which didn’t address the substance of my concern — Mr. Hullett concluded with, “I will assume this is our one and only communication.” Others have told me they’ve had similar experiences with him.

In the months that followed the 2014 school board election, he became increasingly combative and divisive. In July 2015, board chairman P.J. Mezera denounced him for violating the school board’s code of ethics, and in February 2016, Mr. Hullett publicly accused another board member, Dr. Beth Burgos, of saying she “hates Muslims.”

Dr. Burgos denied this, and two other board members took Mr. Hullett to task, demanding that he either produce evidence or apologize to Dr. Burgos.

In the Feb. 2, 2016, exchange with Mr. Hullett on the WCS email system, Mr. Mezera wrote, “You have struggled with this in the past. You have fired off venomous accusations and attacks with no proof, only to be found mistaken. In the meantime, your words and your projected malice causes dissension and suspicion throughout the community.”

Mr. Hullett replied that he would not apologize and proceeded to attack both board members, all the while failing to provide evidence of his defamatory accusation.

In announcing his bid for the 61th District House seat, Mr. Hullett touted “relationship building” as one of his “strongest resources,” stating, “Mine is a voice of strength and leadership, while still possessing the ability to listen and find common ground.”

If relationship building, listening and finding common ground are Mr. Hullett’s strengths, one can only imagine what weaknesses he would bring to the seat.

Don Beehler

Franklin, TN 37064