To the Editor:

I have read several articles in the recent past, in the Brentwood Homepage, that have been feel-good articles about Judge Sharon Guffee. But that is not the truth. Micheal Phillips, Julie Sutton and others she has lined up, never had their children in the hands of Judge Guffee.

This recent PR stint that Guffee is on is because me and eight other parents spoke in front of the Board of Commissioners about her destructive and brutal behavior to our children and their families.

Judge Guffee says she believes in our First Amendment Rights, Freedom of Speech. Yet in her courtroom, I was denied this very basic right for over six months. She had my social media and computer monitored and when the hearing occurred I would be heavily reprimanded for whatever they found. I guess Judge Guffee and I have very different views of Freedom of Speech.

In Judge Guffee’s court I have lost many rights. My First Amendment Rights, my Fourth Amendment Rights, my Parental Rights, my Visitation Rights, my HIPAA Rights, and my kids’ Disability Rights. And this can all be documented on the court transcripts, if anyone is ever allowed to see them.

Not to mention the bailiffs that constantly speak in the area where witnesses are waiting to take the stand. They add their two cents to what they hear in the courtrooms. This is influencing a witness and every trial in a just court would be considered a mistrial. But not in Judge Guffee’s court.

As an American citizen born and raised, I proudly and respectfully honor my Rights, but when my Rights are just stripped away and everything they do is hidden behind closed door, I am greatly offended. Judge Guffee hides behind the secrecy of Juvenile Court, where she has been getting away with violating people’s Rights for years. But in truth it is the children that suffer the most.

Both of my children are special needs, but their therapy and other issues have been denied to them. They have Rights too. Since my speech on March 12, 2018, Judge Guffee recused herself from my case the very next morning. Trying to twist the story and use my children in her PR placing the blame, of course, on me. It seems like she doesn’t want to take any responsibility for her actions.

But her actions have now left my children in limbo in the system and in the hands of Foster parents, yes John and Julie Sutton. So you can see now how biased Julie Sutton’s article was about Guffee. And if Julie knows that much about a Judge, then there relationship is extremely biased.

I am hear to say the truth as a parent.

My children were ripped away and thrown into a system where for the first time in their young lives really learned about abuse. I am a parent speaking to other parents, this is our tax payers dollars paying for this corruptness.

If you think someone can’t just come to your door with police and caseworkers and rip your children out of their home with NO trial and NO hearing, then you’re wrong. This could happen to anyone. I know I am furious that my tax dollars goes toward such corruption. I have never had any charges against me and my house has been deemed safe by the system, yet my two special needs children are held in limbo in foster care with no Judge on our case. All I’m told is that it will be a long time before another Judge is assigned. Unacceptable!

As a parent who has been victimized in Judge Guffee’s courtroom, I have to say I’m not alone. Since the nine of us spoke to the Board of Commissioners on March 12, over 50 other families came forward that have also experienced the corrupt courts of Judge Guffee. It is extremely sad to say how similar complete strangers’ stories can be. I can assure you this is just the tip of the iceberg. When some of these stories air in the near future, the flood gates will be opened. Let’s

work together, as parents, as tax payers, as humanitarians, to protect our children. Please check out the website:

Thank you,

Beverly VanBenthuysen