To the Editor,

There is a misconception or “foggy” understanding of voter information in Tennessee.

You can’t register as a Democrat, Republican, or Independent. For primary elections, you have to choose whether you are going to vote in the Democratic Primary or the Republican Primary. If you’re like me — a life-long Democrat and live in Williamson County — sometimes you don’t have a choice.

Take for example the May 1st primary. I live in District 9, and if I want to vote in the Democratic Primary, there is not a single person running for any office that I can vote for. I guess I could do a write in vote for Santa Claus, as a poll worker suggested as I was walking in to cast my ballot, but I value the rights that we have in this country too much to insult the people who have secured them at a high cost. I also value my right to have some input into who runs our county and district.

So I voted in the Republican Primary. And well I should have, because of the four candidates who are running for the two District 9 Commissioner seats, only two of them have not taken money nor have personal and business relationships with big developers, who would pave over all of Williamson County if they could.

That’s why I am encouraging everyone I know in District 9 to re-elect Todd Kaestner, and to vote for Robert Peterman. Both have proven records on preservation, sustainable living and a focus on proper infrastructure before development. The proposed “Two Farms” project where Thompson’s Station just annexed “New York City” is a perfect example of what unbridled growth can do to an area that was originally designated as “green space”.

Please good folks of the 9th District, don’t let your politics get in the way of making a difference and doing the right thing. There are over a thousand registered “likely” Democratic voters in District 9 who haven’t early voted yet in the primary. Please do not let your voice be unheard. Get out and vote for these two candidates on May 1st. This is an important election.


Gene Cotton

Franklin, TN 37064