Brentwood City Commissioners.

I am asking you to support Rhea Little as Mayor in the upcoming election.

Rhea is a long time resident of Brentwood with a love of this area. His family has been in the area for over 200 years.  Rhea owns a local business where he has to make payroll every week.  He has shown a commitment to the city by being on the Planning Commission, the Environmental Advisory Board, the Park Board and the Tree Board.  He has been a Commissioner in this city for 10 years and has been Vice Mayor once.  He certainly has the breadth and depth of experience to be our mayor.

Unlike another Mayoral candidate, he has had the common sense not to make significant financial contributions to other commissioners’ campaigns. While this is not illegal, it lends itself to the suspicion of conflict of interest.

Anyone who has worked with Rhea knows that he is a fair-minded individual.  You may not always agree with him but he certainly listens to both sides and is a consensus builder. I had the privilege of working with him on the Tree Board while he was the Commissioner on that board and obviously think highly of him.

Brentwood would be well served to have Rhea Little as our Mayor.  Please support him.

Patty Shultz

Brentwood 37027