To the Editor:

I urge my neighbors in Franklin’s Ward 3 to vote for challenger Scott Speedy.

During this period of Franklin’s growth, it’s vital to have a representative who

cares for our residents and local businesses. We must have an alderman who is

willing to protect our interest and guide us in a new direction.

Our residents and local businesses drive the vibrancy of this city. Scott Speedy understands the fabric of Franklin and has a passion to see us succeed. As a financial planner he is well qualified to push our city forward while remaining fiscally sound and serving with moral integrity and honest character.

We have many large issues facing our city. Our schools are underfunded, our

roadways exceed capacity, and our teachers, firemen, and police officers can no

longer afford to live in the city in which they work. We’ve been caught behind the

eight ball on too many issues and its time for a change.

Scott Speedy has a vision for Franklin that will launch us into a new era. An era

that will help provide solutions to the many problems Franklin faces today. He will be our voice on the Board of Mayor and Alderman. We’ve seen his track record in the private market, as a businessman and financial planner and believe

wholeheartedly he has the ability to lead us forward.

Scott Speedy has earned my vote and hundreds of others. Join with us and vote

Scott Speedy on Oct. 24.

Zacari & Olivia Pennington

Franklin TN 37064