To the Editor:

Since President Trump was elected, Democrats have only been focused on resisting the President’s agenda and ousting conservatives from office. It is currently in the best interests of Republicans in Tennessee to vote for Marsha Blackburn in the upcoming November election. In doing so not only will this be a defeating blow towards the #Resistance, but it will help continue the record growth of President Trump’s economy.

Fiscal responsibility is what makes Tennessee the thriving economic hub of the South. Many businesses from across the country like Nissan and AllianceBernstein have relocated from California and New York that are now failing because of liberal policies. Marsha recognizes this and has always rallied against taxes which have crippled cities like Detroit, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio which are controlled by Democrats. You may not realize this, but Marsha led the fight against the state income tax.

Tennessee has seen this economic success because of low taxes, excellent governance, and limited bureaucracy. This is the type of success Marsha has brought to this state and will continue to bring when she is elected to the Senate. Elect Marsha to ensure Tennessee values continue to lead the nation.

Not only is Marsha a sincere, honest person who has always fought for Tennessee, but she also leads by example. She’s humble, selfless, transparent, resilient, and holds a vision that can bring great change to the rest of the country with Tennessee leading the way.

Jordan S. Adams

Columbia, TN 38401

Studio 4109 Actor, SA Senator, President of YAL Chapter Club, History Major, PoliSci/Journalism Minor

[email protected]